How to Use

IStartLabs has an operation philosophy that does not involve providing services. Interested students use the equipment with the help of the community or autonomously after attending training.

To make a 3D print for instance, students just need to simply bring the filament itself, if it is a very small amount you can use existing filament (subject to availability of color, material etc.).

If you never attended training and want to make your 3D print, you just have to contact your colleagues that have it, such as members from PSEM, TLmoto, FST and others that already have access to istart and can support you in printing.

If you are urgent or have no interest in printing on your own we suggest the existing 3D community in Lisbon, such as for example.

Also, if you are interested in participating in the training sessions please fill out the following form, you will be invited soon to attend the training sessions: