The Web Summit Startup Game


This course is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship students that want to learn how to get the most out of the participation on an extremely large event such as Web Summit.

Every year Web Summit brings together an increasing number of people involved in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The event is expected to have more than 70000 participants, from industry leaders to first-time entrepreneurs. Can you imagine the amount of collective knowledge that will be in Lisbon?

In this course, we will train you on what you need to do before, during and after such types of event to help you focus on your interests and avoid a passive attitude. We will do this by offering daily challenges and goals to your team in the form of a game that will appeal to your competitive side while, simultaneously, providing the opportunity to apply the skills and tools that you will learn in the first day of the course.

In the end the students will have learned: how to learn from interviews, how to find and act on an opportunity, how to identify and use the resources that you already have, to understand a business model, what investors look for in the different stages of a startup, the difference between reading about entrepreneurship and talking with entrepreneurs and, finally, the value of getting out of the classroom.


Day 1 – Setting up (@tecnico): welcome; team formation; the startup journey; types of attendees; that is a good question; working the networking.

Day 2 – Alpha (@websummit): understand the challenges of a team looking for early-stage investors.

Day 3 – Beta (@websummit): your startup is launched but you need to attract more customers.

Day 4 – Growth (@websummit): your startup has raised over $3 million and is expanding globally.

Day 5 – Show and Tell (@tecnico): summarize your findings; edit your video footage; final lessons learned; certificate ceremony.


Effectuation; Opportunity Discovery; Lean Startup; Customer Development; MVP; Business Model; Startup Ecosystem; Valuation; Seed-Stage; Venture Capital; Series A Round

Learning Activities and Effort

Seminars (10h). Independent work (33h). Assessment (2h).


Students will have to make a 2-min video and prepare a 10-minute pitch presentation with their findings and achievements to be assessed by an external panel of judges.


Prof. Luís Caldas de Oliveira, @luiscaldaso,

Diogo Henriques,

Practical Details

Target students: Master level

Credits awarded to incoming students: 1.5 ECTS

Contact person: Prof. Luis Caldas de Oliveira

Date: TBA

Application Procedure

Admission fee: 1000 euros (includes Web Summit attendee ticket). Free for a limited number of students.

Application deadline: TBA

Application procedure: TBA

Prerequisites: Enrollment in a Master program. The participants are required to bring a smartphone and a tablet or laptop for the course.

Language level: Minimum English level B2.

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