About the iStartLab

The iStartLab is the innovation laboratory of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) with the mission of promoting innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of its students, researchers and professors.

The iStartLab organizes activities related with innovation and entrepreneurship and aims to be the contact point between IST and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including, among others, incubators, accelerators, investors and the industry. The focus of iStartLab will be early stage projects for new products of services with scientific or technological innovation and targeted to have a global impact. In particular it will support the proof-of-concept stage of such projects and in gathering evidence that  the product or service has a sustainable business model. In this stage, the projects need support in prototyping, customer discovery and validation and access to investors and funding opportunities.

The iStartLab will also have a role in bringing together like minded people, with their willingness to create value for Society. This is achieved by matching initiatives, best practices sharing and by providing support and coaching tailored to the needs of students, researchers and professors. It will also promote and foster a network of scientific advisors and business mentors, taking advantage of the volunteer effort of the IST community including its alumni.