The iStartLab MakerSpace provides tools for you to build your prototype.

CNC Router

Milling machine with a work area from 2000mm x 1500mm (X & Y) and Z of 150mm. Built in aluminum. Great to cut and engrave works with large dimensions. It can cut and engrave materials like aluminum, brass, wood, acrylic.


  • Monoblock structure in welded steel;
  • Bridge in aluminum profile with gantry system
  • Speeds up to 70m / min
  • Manual shift chopping Spindle 7kW – 24.000rpm – ER 32
  • Steel track guideways with balls
  • Transmission by helical racks in the axes (X and Y)
  • Z-axis ball screw
  • Table in aluminum profile with vacuum and clamps (turbine)
  • Controller up to 5 axes
  • CAD / CAM software
  • Tool measuring sensor
  • Servo Motors

3D Printers

There are five 3D Printers available, all of them are based on a technology called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). It creates objects adding multiple layers of plastic ABS/PLA on top of each other. There are two BLOCKS ONE printers, two ULTIMAKER 2+ EXTENDED printers and one ULTIMAKER 3 printer, both brands allow printing in various colors and materials.

3D Scanners

The DAVID-SLS-1 scanner employs Structured Light technology, which allows precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds. The results can be exported into common 3D file formats (OBJ, STL, PLY) and processed in other applications, e.g. for rapid prototyping, inspection, product presentations, archaeology and cultural heritage, works of art, computer animations, video games.

Electronics Workshop

WorkBench with an assortment of electronic equipment such as:

  • Rigol Osciloscope DS1054Z – SPECS
  • Rigol DP832 Programmable Power Supply – SPECS
  • Rigol DG1022 Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator – SPECS
  • Rigol DM3058 Digital Multimeter – SPECS
  • WELLER WX 2021: WELLER soldering station – SPECS
  • Digital Microscope Dino-Lite – SPECS