The iStartLab and IST Técnico Lisboa have multiple learning opportunities on the subjects of innovation and entrepreneurship.


iStartLab Workshop on How to Startup

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to design a technology-based value proposition. You will be joining a team, as diversified as possible, to address a problem for which you will propose the use of a technology using co-creation and user-centered design methodologies. You will be supported by a team of instructors that will help your team to move forward and to help you learn by doing how to design a technology-based value proposition. You will also be sharing your progresses with the other teams that you will be working with.

This workshop is for a maximum of 25 participants.


iStartLab Collaboration with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses

Students of IST Técnico Lisboa entrepreneurship courses can use the iStartLab facilities and get help from the team in the development of prototypes for their projects.

The iStartLab supports the LLP@Técnico Program, an entrepreneurship methodology that is currently being used in the  Technology-Based Entrepreneurship (EBT-MEGE) course or as an optional track for the course on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (EITT-MEEC).

See the list of all innovation and entrepreneurship courses at IST Técnico Lisboa.


iStartLab Collaboration with Introductory Classes

The iStartLab team collaborates with many IST courses in teaching introductory classes on subjects like entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property, etc.





Currently iStartLab gives introductory classes in the following courses:


iStartLab Course on Value Proposition Design for Startups

In this hands-on course students will have the opportunity to experience how startups and new ventures find value for their customers.

This course is not about how to write a business plan and the end result is not a PowerPoint slide deck for a VC presentation: it’s a hands-on learning experience on what is the basics of a startup: provide value for its customers with a scalable and repeatable business model. Our aim is to provide an entrepreneurial experience for the students with all of the pressures and demands of the real world.

This course is for students that: are overwhelmed by the difficulties of value creation, frustrated by unproductive meetings and misaligned teams, disappointed by the failure of what looked like a good idea.

In the end the students will have learned: the power of visual tools and teamwork, the patterns of value creation, to leverage the experience and skills of the team, the importance of not wasting time with ideas that won’t work, the value of a business model as a brainstorm tool and the importance of getting out of the classroom to do customer development.

In this edition we will be addressing problems and challenges related with energy and sustainability, from renewable energies to energy efficiency.


  • Day 1 – Map the Challenge – Welcome, Entrepreneurial Resources, Start at the End, Idea Lab, Get Out of the Building!
  • Day 2 – Customer Segments, Sketch – Personas, Jobs Pains and Gains, Sketch Solutions, Get Out of the Building!
  • Day 3 – Value Proposition, Decide – Value Proposition Canvas, Value-Customer Fit, Decide, Get Out of the Building!
  • Day 4 – Build – That is a Good Question, Storytelling, Prototype, Lights Action Camera.
  • Day 5 – Test – Small Data, Rehearsal, Final Lessons Learned, Certificate Cerimony.

Prerequisites: Engineering, design and marketing students. Bring you laptop!

Course exam: Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Final Lessons Learned presentation and video.