For Researchers, Professors and Staff

Do you want to take my technology to the market? Do you need help in finding a business model? Would you like to know how to pursue?

The iStartLab provides acceleration programs and resources that can help you develop your project.

I want to take my technology to the market

You should start by disclosing your technology to TT@Técnico (, the Technology Transfer Office of IST. The information for invention or creation disclosure is available here. TT@Técnico has intellectual property experts that can work with in the best way to protect your technology.

Even if your technology is not patentable, there are other intellectual property rights that can be used to give your project a competitive advantage.


I need help in finding a business model for my technology

The best way to learn how to design a business model is to go through an acceleration program or to attend workshops related with the subject. The iStartLab organizes both types of training programs.

I want to start

Once you have a project, you can register it with the iStartLab and have access to our support and facilities.