Lab2Market@Técnico Acceleration Program

The Lab2Market@Técnico Acceleration Program goal is to provide market orientation to tech-based projects promoted by IST students, researchers of professors.

The Lab2Market@Técnico Program has the following timeline:

  • A 3 day bootcamp workshop for value proposition analysis and preparation
  • First 3-week period for independent team work with the support of business mentors for teams to focus on validation of value proposition and customer segments (product-market fit)
  • Second one day workshop where teams present their findings on value proposition and customers and are trained on the need for partnerships and on resources, activities and costs.
  • Final 3-week period of independent team work to focus on partnerships, resources, activities, costs and to prepare their final presentation
  • Final lessons learned presentation event.

This program benefits from the support of i-Deals and Everis Portugal that provide access to business consultants to help the teams develop their projects.